What a pleasure it is to do nothing in a beautiful environment! A leisurely breakfast with fresh croissants and baguettes from the village bakery… Lounging in a deckchair by the pool to sunbathe, read a book, enjoy a nice glass of wine with a piece of french cheese or a delicious meal… However, there are so many interesting places to see in the area, you want to take a few trips, if just to buy some of the fine local products!

With the hiking trails, you can easily walk to the Saône river, the wildlife park in the woods, or even to Tournus, in a half hour, with its magnificent 12th  century Roman abbey, fine restaurants, charming terrace-cafés, antiques shops and a few boutiques. The old hospital, now a museum, is worth a visit to see the antique apothecary’s items.

Biking is also a good way to see the countryside. The serious biker will love the steep slopes and their georgeous landscapes. The occasional biker might prefer the “green trail”, going from Chagny through Buxy, Cormatin, Cluny and to Mâcon along a former railroad track, it is mostly flat and truly beautiful, even for roller-skaters.

On the hills west of Tournus, the winding roads take you through endless vineyards, interspersed with charming small villages and their Roman church, a pretty country manor or even an impressive castle. Places not to miss are the medieval villages of Brancion and Ozenay, and the 17th century château of Cormatin, with its unique interiors and astonishing formal gardens.

Shopping in Beaune, Chalon or Mâcon, you will also discover their historical centres. Of course, the elegant city of Lyons, with airs of Paris, set between two rivers, the Rhône and the Saône, invites you to walk around to buy some clothes and enjoy a good lunch. Just an hour away from Préty, you will easily park your car in the center.

East of Préty, the Ecomuseum Eden Park in Cuisery is interesting. Further east, in the old town of Louhans, the main street is lined with wonderful arcades, where, every monday mornings, a unique open-air market offers livestock, chicks and other live animals. Close to Louhans, a huge antiques’ fair at the “Grange Rouge” is held on weekends. And, in one of the many flea markets regularly organised in several villages, you will find the perfect souvenir for just a few euros!

Boat trips on the Sâone from Tournus, or on the Seille from La Truchère (2 kms south of Préty) can be made by renting a boat. North of Tournus, close to Sennecey-le-Grand, you can swim at the Lac de Laives, rent a paddle-boat, or just have a picnic in a lovely place! The children can also try to sport of tree climbing, next to it.

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The many golf courses around Mâcon, Chalon or Le Creusot offer golfing at different levels, so you are welcome even if you are not an expert golfer! The golf course at La Salle, 15 minutes from Préty, in a beautifully landscaped golf grounds, is in the park of an old castle, also offering a nice environment for a good lunch.

Touropark is a zoo in a park, where the animals seem to be as free as in the wild. South of Mâcon, close to Thoissey, this park also offers playgrounds and attractions for the children.  
 Tourist’s areas in the region are mostly in a very small scale, unlike the huge attraction parks, such as Disneyland, which can be reached by the super fast train.