The climate in Burgundy varies greatly depending on topography and local winds. In southern Burgundy, sheltered in a micro-climate, there is no need to go as far south as Provence to be assured of good weather. The village of Préty, close to Tournus and halfway between the cities of Dijon and Lyons, is situated in the Saône valley, linked to the Rhône valley.

Warm winds from the south flowing through southern Burgundy bring mild temperatures as far north as Dijon. In comparison with northern Burgundy, in the Nièvre or Morvan, only some 30 kilometers to the north-west, the Saône valley is always at least 5°C warmer and the rainfall 50% less. Vineyards flourish in this climate and life conditions are much more pleasant.

The average temperatures in southern Burgundy range from 20°C in spring, up to 32°C in summer and down to 18°C in autumn. The winters here can be quite cold and rainy; but comes March, some days are pleasant enough to eat outside; and in April, the swimming-pool is back in use! From then on, there is very little rainfall. When it rains, the heavy rainstorms only last an hour or two, quickly dried out by the bright sun.

The most delightful months are May and June. July and August can be hot and bone-dry, which never seems to bother the guests!. A light breeze, always in the air, helps to feel comfortable even in the hottest days. In the evening, the temperatures fall slightly and it is a pleasure to stay outside in a T-shirt until late, listening to the crickets or drinking a nice glass of locally produced wine.